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Angel Dust ‎– Into The Dark Past – LP


Released in a 425gsm heavy cardboard cover.
Contains lyric sheet, A4 info sheet and a poster.


German Heavy Metal band from Dortmund, formed in 1984 as Angeldust.

Starting as a speed/thrash band that did not survive the ’80s, Angel Dust were reformed around 1996-97 with a more modern power metal style. The reformation came about when the original rhythm section of Frank Banx and Dirk Assmuth had been playing in a cover band with guitarist Bernd Aufermann and Frank’s younger brother Steven, who suggested reviving the Angel Dust name to record original songs that he and Aufermann had been working on.

Aufermann left the band in 2001 and was briefly replaced by American guitarist Richie Wilkison. Aufermann would return in 2004, but around a year later vocalist Dirk Thurisch decided to quit. After five years with Carsten Kaiser in place, but little in the way of serious activity, Thurisch made a brief return to Angel Dust before the band eventually came to a halt.

A second reunion was announced in September 2016.

The band’s first two albums were reissued unofficially in very limited quantities in late 2002-2003. The reissues have no label or copyright info and have two bonus tracks each.


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