Fenriz Red Planet / Nattefrost – Engangsgrill – CD


“Engangsgrill” is a split album from two icons of Black Metal – Fenriz and Nattefrost. Together they have teamed up for a sinister rock`n roll experience, exploring the borderline between black metal, doom and classic rock. It’s dark, gloomy and very back-to-basics. Even the fact that it is a split album takes us back to where it all begun. Fenriz is best known as the drummer and lyricist of the mighty Darkthrone, and together with Nocturno Culto they’ve been a driving force in the global metal underground for over 20 years! As well as releasing albums with Darkthrone, Fenriz has performed solo and been involved with a number of bands spanning a variety of musical genres the last couple decades, and on the “Engangsgrill” album Fenriz reveals his passion for classic doom. Fenriz recorded these tracks in 1993 as he started working on a ’70/’80s-styled doom album – reflecting inspiration from Black Sabbath, Candlemass and Trouble (USA). These three tracks were the only ones he finished for the album, and they have been lying around ever since. Now, teaming up with Nattefrost, the time has finally come for them to see the light of day. These three tracks, that Nattefrost actually had to rip off a cassette tape make out “Side Nebulah” of the “Engangsgrill” album.

Nattefrost is one of the most recognisable and longest serving figures on the Black Metal scene, having long been the leader of the mighty Carpathian Forest. He has never shied away from controversy – but at the same time he has never sacrificed quality for mere sensationalism. With “Engangsgrill” Nattefrost is able to show yet another facet of his musical skills, merging unexpected genres and adding his own, unique stamp. You would never have been able to predict “Engangsgrill”, and yet, here it is, because, after all, if there is anything at all predictable about Nattefrost, it’s his ability to surprise. The Nattefrost tracks were recorded between 2002 and 2008 on “various rotten locations” to quote the Hellcommander himself. It is not a new Nattefrost album, but a collection of rare tracks and unreleased out-takes + obscure songs from Nattefrost’s personal archive. The 5 selected tracks make out “Side Lustmord” of “Engangsgrill.”


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