Foo Fighters – Down In The Park – The NYC Broadcast – LP


In October of 1994, shortly after the death of Kurt Cobain, Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl re-entered Robert Lang’s Seattle studio, where Nirvana had conducted their final recording sessions. Intending to create demos of his own material, over the course of a week Grohl would commit his ideas to tape. Except for some guitar assistance from Greg Dulli (of Afghan Wigs) on one track, Grohl would literally become a one-man band during these sessions, writing all the songs, playing all the instruments and singing all the vocals himself. Recorded at Tramps in New York City, these musicians served as both an opening act and as backing band for Mike Watt (on his tour promoting ‘Ball-Hog’ or ‘Tugboat?’). Experience the initial Foo Fighters lineup live on stage, two months prior to their first album release.
1. Down In The Park
2. This Is A Call
3. Floaty
4. I’ll Stick Around
5. Big Me
1. Watershed
2. For All The Cows
3. Alone + Easy Target
4. Podunk
5. Exhausted


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