Elder – Elder – LP


More doom/sludge crossovers for you. This time, we’re dealing with an American band, rather new to the scene, called Elder. Since their 2008 arrival with their self-titled piece, Elder have gained notoriety and praise for their strange appealing soundscapes which also seem to incorporate some sort of stoner influence, particularly in the guitars and vocals. The band, consisting of three members, has actually been around for a few years now, but this is the first full-length effort. I’ve not heard any previous material, so no comparisons can be made, which is a shame as I’d like to take note of the evolution of the band. Considering the band has faced line-up changes, in the form of replacing the departed bassist, it would be interesting to see where Elder originated, in musical terms, and compare it to where they are now, but that’s not going to happen folks. This self-titled piece marks an influx of doom records this year. In my eyes, 2008 has shined down upon the genre giving it a number of excellent records to shower on its fans who had high hopes after the success of 2007, which was an all round great year for metal. Elder’s record doesn’t match the best I’ve heard from this sort of sub-genre, or crossover act, but it is particularly good in certain areas, namely bass and guitar. The production is also well produced. It doesn’t allow the music to sound stiff, or rigid. The instrumentation doesn’t suffer from the sufficient amount of bass or distorted work, which is pleasing. If there is one aspect to look out for, its the bass for its construction of mammoth sounds.


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