Eternal Champion – Ravening Iron – LP


Second press on 180gr blue vinyl.


The highly anticipated second studio album!

Produced, mixed and mastered by Arthur Rizk, “Ravening Iron” has the massive sound that epic heavy metal needs nowadays; faithful to the past, yet fresh and exciting with Eternal Champion’s unique identity and aesthetic in full presence. The 8 tracks are glorious and uplifting, with heavy riffs, synths, a hard and pounding rhythm section, narrating stories and legends from the depths of time and fantasy.


1. A Face in the Glare

2. Ravening Iron

3. Skullseeker

4. War at the Edge of the End

5. Coward’s Keep

6. Worms of the Earth

7. The Godblade

8. Banners of Arhai



Jason Tarpey: Vocals, War horn, Hammer & Anvil

Arthur Rizk: Drums, Guitars, Synth, Backing vocals

John Powers: Guitars, Synth, Twelve string

Brad Raub: Bass

Cover artwork by Ken Kelly.

Recommended for fans of Manowar, Manilla Road, Warlord, Bathory and Cirith Ungol.


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