Hammers Of Misfortune ‎– The Bastard – DLP


– New mastering by Justin Weis.
– Gatefold edition featuring original artwork, unreleased pictures, and new drawings!
– 8-page booklet w/metallic ink.
– Deluxe DLP with translucid gold and black splatter colored vinyl and gorgeous silkscreen on “D” side!
Track Listing:
1. The Dragon Is Summoned
2. The Bastard Sapling
3. On Wings of Vengeance
4. Hunting Tyrant
5. You Should Have Slain Me
6. An Oath Sworn in Hell
7. The Blood Ax Speaks
8. Tyrant Dies
9. The Witch’s Dance
10. The Prophecy Has Two Meanings
11. The New King’s Lament
12. For the Ax
13. Troll’s March
14. Sacrifice/the End


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