Running Wild – The First Years Of Piracy – LP


Running Wild were formed in Hamburg in 1976 and have become one of the most vital and influential heavy metal bands to come out of Germany. They are also credited with inventing the now infamous sub-genre, ‘Pirate metal’ which is so popular today. The band still command a rabid, global fanbase too, the recent Noise reissue series saw all nine chart in the German album charts. To this day they still headline huge indoor shows and headline festivals. The album a re-recording of many classic songs from the first three Running Wild albums.

Track Listing:
1. Under Jolly Roger – Running Wild (4.04)
2. Branded and Exiled – Running Wild (3.5)
3. Soldiers of Hell – Running Wild (3.22)
4. Raise Your Fist – Running Wild (4.51)
5. Walpurgis Night – Running Wild (5.2)
6. Fight the Oppression – Running Wild (4.53)
7. Marching to Die – Running Wild (4.37)
8. Raw Ride – Running Wild (4.14)
9. Diamonds of the Black Chest – Running Wild (2.49)
10. Prisoner of Our Time – Running Wild (4.34)


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