Skitzo – Five Point Containment – CD


After 20 years, 68 band members, 17 albums, and appearances on Judge Judy, Larry King Live, Jerry Springer, Howard Stern, Talk Soup, MTV, Ripley’s Believe it Or Not, and CNN, you’d think Skitzo would have earned some prominence in the metal scene. Instead, Five Point Containment (originally entitled Heavy Shit) sat on the shelf for almost two years until the band signed with Open Grave Records, who pushed back the release on at least one occasion, then made only a half-hearted effort to promote the album once it finally was released. Have you seen a review of this anywhere else? I haven’t. If you are part of the band’s cult following, though, you likely already own this, and no further commentary is required. But, to all of you neophytes, welcome to the world of Skitzo, where the bizarre is the norm, no cow is sacred, and metalheads make metal for metalheads.


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