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Sentinel Releases

Abaddon Incarnate – Dark Crusade – CD

  • GOK004
Reissue of their third album, originally released in 2004 on Xtreem Music. Featuring new artwork & bonus material ‘Homunculus’ ’09, Promo ’97 & the classic ‘When the Demons Come’ demo ’95.

Mourning Beloveth – Dust – Double Gatefold LP

  • GOK003
MOURING BELOVETH’s debut album finally released on vinyl. First 100 copies come with poster, large skins and exclusive patch.

Mourning Beloveth – Dust – CD

  • GOK003
The stunning debut by Ireland’s masters of DOOM! Previously self released and now out of print, Dust comes complete with revised cover art, new booklet and two special bonus tracks; “Forever Lost Emeralds” from their Autumnal Fires demo and “It Almost Looked Human” taken from their second full-length The Sullen Sulcus released in December 2002. […]

Abaddon Incarnate – Nadir – CD

  • GOK002
ABADDON INCARNATE return with their ultrabrutal second album. Recorded in Soundlab Studios, Sweden, and produced by Mieszko of Nasum (Relapse), Nadir provides a musical fist in the face with its weighty production and hammering speed. Cold and grim artwork by Paul McCarroll compliments the lyrical exploration of humanity’s grotesque and macabre face. They have delivered […]

Various Artists – In Unison – DCD

  • GOK001
The definitive guide to the Irish Metal scene! Double CD compilation with 19 Irishbands. Includes previously unreleased material, classic album and demo tracks. Designed by Stephen O’Malley and mastered by Stuart Anstis. Abaddon Incarnate, Arcane Sun, Scald, Mephitis, Morphosis, Cruachan, Mourning Beloveth, Lunar Gate, Karnayna, Primordial, Geasa, Primal Dawn, Mael Mordha, Moonfog, Hexxed, Inhumane, Desolate, […]